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The Naked Scientists flagship science show, includes the latest science news, interviews with top scientists, hands-on science experiments and answers to your science questions.


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When The Drugs Don't Work...

December 6th, 2016

Antibiotics are chemicals that kill bacteria but leave us unharmed. However, bacteria are evolving so that our drugs are no longer kill them. If this trend continues, the treatable are going to become untreatable, and relatively simple infections will become life-threatening... How serious would this scenario be, though? After all, antibiotics...

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This week: alien hunting! Life here on Earth uses DNA, but why, and would aliens be made of the same stuff? Plus, news of how your gut microbes are controlling your genes, a new way to fight phobias, and we get a sneak peek at where the first human colonists of Mars might live...

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Navigating the Future

November 22nd, 2016

This week the show comes to you from the Royal Institute of Navigation's annual International Conference, with a look at the future of navigation. From the trousers that can track your every move to the spacecraft charting their way through the Universe. Plus, how does GPS work, and are we ready for driverless cars?

This week on the Naked Scientists, we've gathered the bright and the brainy to answer your science questions, from why ants are stealing your toenail clippings to what's between your internal organs and could you survive being eaten by a snake?