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Would you donate your body to science? - Naked Scientists 11.01.09

January 9th, 2011

Episode 301 of 1124 episodes

We're discussing human dissection in this week's Naked Scientists. Chris visits the dissection room to find out how trainee doctors benefit from dissecting real bodies, and why many medical schools are increasingly turning to alternatives. We're joined by physician and film maker Paul Trotman, who followed the lives, and beyond, of three donors to explore the reasons why people choose to donate their bodies, and the impact the process had on the student's lives. In Naked Engineering, we find out how a design that copies the body's own structure and movements can make better artificial limbs. Plus, how womens' tears can manipulate mens' moods, the perfect melody to send shivers up your spine and the headphones which can cancel out the sound of the dentist's drill.

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