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Get the latest news and go behind-the-scenes of the world's #1 family audio drama, 'Adventures in Odyssey'! In 'The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast', you'll hear fun stories straight from the show's actors -- and 'Adventures in Odyssey' producers regularly answer fan questions submitted at WhitsEnd.org/Podcast. New editions available every other Wednesday. Subscribe now to get each new edition right when it releases!


Oct. 17, 2012: Hear from all three actors who play Whit in "Great Expectations"

October 17th, 2012

Episode 166 of 291 episodes

Sage Ryan (voice of young Whit), Jim Custer (voice of college-age Whit), and Andre Stojka (voice of present-day Whit) share how they create the voice of John Avery Whittaker

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