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Gamespot Asia Beat Ep. 14 - Street Fighter Retrospective

November 29th, 2012

Episode 35 of 54 episodes

This week at GameSpot Asia Beat, we fly around the world and beat up exaggerated stereotypes from the eyes of a Japanese video game company. Actually, we just talk a lot of Street Fighter stuff (past, present and future) for an hour and a half. We also chat with Cross Counter Asia vid. producer/ local fighting game community tourney organizer Yongde on fighting game stuff. Timestamps are below: 0:00 –"Street Fighter II Opening Theme" by Alph Lyra 0:25 – Intro, Non Street Fighter segment (Dishonored, The Last Story, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale) 15:17 – Intermission -"Theme of Ryu" by Alph Lyra 16:13 – Street Fighter, Street Fighter II and its many editions, the live-action films 30:50 – Intermission - "Theme of M.Bison" by Alph Lyra 31:50 – Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV and the competitive scene 42:13 – Intermission - "Theme of Cammy" by Alph Lyra 43:13 – Interview with Cross Counter Asia video producer/Tough Cookie owner/ prominent Singapore FGC contributor Yongde 1:24:42 – Intermission – "Theme of Guile" by Alph Lyra (which goes with everything) 1:25:50 – Miscellaneous Street Fighter stuff, Hong Kong SF comics 1:33:44 – Outro – "True Ending Theme" by Alph Lyra

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