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Sound Byte Radio Ep 12 - 2012's Rest of the Best

January 17th, 2013

Episode 40 of 54 episodes

This month's odyssey into music highlights the other good pieces of music from 2012; the ones that did not make the cut on our previous video (http://asia.gamespot.com/journey/videos/sound-byte-2012-year-in-review-6401525/) : Track list in order of appearance: -Starhawk Original Soundtrack Song: Homeworld Composer: Christopher Lennertz -FTL: Original Soundtrack Song: Zoltan (Exploration) Composer: Ben Prunty -Asura's Wrath Original Soundtrack Song: Trembling Heart (Ethnic Arrange) Composer: Chikayo Fukuda -XCOM: Enemy Unknown OST Song: Resilience of Man/ Vigilo Confido Composer: Michael McCann -Retro City Rampage Song: Retro City Rampage Main Theme Composer: Jake "virt" Kaufman -Lone Survivor Original Soundtrack Song: Moving On Composer: Jasper Byrne -Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Song: Green and Blue Composer: Neal Davidge -Guild Wars 2 Song: Fear Not This Night Composer: Jeremy Soule Performer: Asja Kadric Follow us on Twitter! (@gs_soundbyte, @MrToffee)

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