Risen Motherhood

Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler

Kids & Family, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity

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A weekly podcast for moms. A space to remember we are not alone in our experiences, be challenged to have joy among the chaos, remember grace covers guilt, and seek the truth of the gospel above all else. This is a podcast for the imperfect mother, still learning, still growing and still fully recognizing she doesn’t have it all together - but comes everyday, to the base of the cross, to seek the one who does.


When urgent needs and love for our littles abounds, it’s easy to become all-consumed by the role of motherhood. Without even realizing it, we can start to define ourselves by how we’re doing, letting our joy be found in the relative success of earthly ability instead of the secure anchor of the Savior. In this episode, Emily and Laura revisit...

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It’s natural to prefer spending time with moms who share similar parenting values, lifestyle choices, and special interests with us. Conversely, most of us can instantly think of a mom we avoid, because she makes us uncomfortable with her more-extreme views in a gray-area of motherhood. These feelings beg the question, “How should we love and...

Moms celebrate Father’s Day with a variety of feelings. Some are incredibly grateful for their husband’s leadership, hands-on help, sacrificial love, and wisdom with child-rearing. But others feel the pain of disappointment, and aren’t sure how to reconcile their expectations with their reality. In this episode, Emily and Laura interview Jerrad...

Any mom who reads to her children knows that you wouldn't start a storybook right in the middle!If you skipped the first half, your kids would miss important aspects of the plot and the character development. Instead, you would start at the very beginning and view all of the parts as a whole.But for some reason, when it comes to the bible, we...