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RN's science flagship: your essential source of what's making news in the complex world of scientific research, scandal and discovery. The Science Show with Robyn Williams is one of the longest running programs on Australian radio. One single audio file of each program - good for continuous listening.


Chance cyclone saved southern GBR from 2016 bleaching Building products and procedures tested for cyclonic conditions Concern on sharp decline of dwarf minke whale sightings Despite earlier concern, Torres Strait dugongs no longer under threat

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March 18th, 2017

Two thirds of northern Great Barrier Reef coral killed by intense heat Mission to observe Arctic climate from 2019 Stripping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere Should we be worried about CRISPR gene editing? Did Neanderthals know about antibiotics? Gene for teeth used to track ancient human populations Kids book goes inside the crow’s smart bird...

After being severed, nerves retain memory of the functions they once controlled Adopted babies can retain birth language memory which helps in language re-learning Babies’ early vocabulary: Look at the… Big early vocab helps children learn to read Placenta could offer clues about cancer genes The immunological effects of caesarean sections on...

Journey to the improbable and unique asteroid, Psyche Phiala Shanahan named in Forbes Top 30 Under 30 NZ physicists collide ultracold atoms to observe a key quantum principle How scientists should confront the antagonists Mosquito borne diseases on the rise Law enforcement and counter terrorism in the digital age DNA puts faces to crimes beating...