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The Podcast from Australia for Science and Reason. Join Richard Saunders and his team of reporters for your weekly dose of skeptical news and interviews, reports and comments. Past guests have included, James Randi, Stephen Fry, Tim Minchin, Eugenie Scott, Dr Phil Plait, Michael Marshall, Dr Steve Novella, Dr Pamela Gay, Jon Ronson, Dr Ben Goldacre, Simon Singh, Prof. Richard Wiseman, Dick Smith, Banachek, Prof. Chris French, George Hrab, Tim Ferguson, Dr Paul Willis and many, many more. Featuring Australian radio legend Maynard with his Spooky Action, Jo Alabaster from the 'Evidence Please' blog, Eran Segev's Grain of Salt, Dr Rachael Dunlop with 'Dr Rachie Reports' and Heidi Robertson aka 'The Raw Skeptic'.


The Skeptic Zone #182 - 14.Apr.2012

April 14th, 2012

Episode 192 of 472 episodes

0:00:00 IntroductionRichard Saunders0:02:45 A Grain of Salt with Eran SegevThis week Eran joins Dr Paul Willis for a tour of the Royal Institution of Australia in Adelaide.RiAus brings science to people and people to science. It creates real and virtual spaces in which people can listen, talk and think about science in all its shapes and forms, and develop innovative and accessible ways of engaging the general community.0:19:10Dr Richard Wiseman tells us about the new App, Dream ON0:20:50A New Song by Eddie Scott - Mighty Mystic Power BraceletsSing along to the latest Skeptical Hit!0:24:50 The Think TankIn the tank this week are Dr Rachael Dunlop, Maynard, James and Richard Saunders.

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