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The Spirit of Things is an adventure into religion and spirituality. It explores contemporary values and beliefs as expressed through ritual, art, music, and sacred texts.


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Greg Sheridan's Australia

July 2nd, 2017

Greg Sheridan, AO, has some advice for Christians -- still the majority faith in Australia -- start thinking and acting like a minority and you'll get a better hearing in the public square. The Australian journalist reflects on how much Australia has changed since his youth growing up Catholic, and how his own life and views have changed along...

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The Buddha's Smile exhibition at the NGV of artworks from all over Asia points to the central beliefs of Buddhism, including No Self. Curator Wayne Crothers and Philosopher Monima Chadha take a journey into Buddhist belief, and suggest why Vincent Van Gogh loved Japanese woodblock prints.

Peter Powell, a Uniting Church minister and psychologist, has worked with sex offenders for more than 20 years. He's seen sex offenders change, and even be reconciled with their victims, but few psychologists are willing to work with them.

Descendants of the Chinese who came to Australia in the 1850s, retrace their route from Robe, SA to the Victorian gold fields, and tell stories of hardship, survival and generosity.