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“Be careful about business models where your costs grow with your revenue” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Everyone is looking for the ideal business model. They’re looking to discover the perfect model to bring ever increasing revenue. Today, I’m talking about two common business models, and which I prefer. The two models: Netflix and Spotify....

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“The world needs people who are willing to say it like it is, and not gloss over it” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) We learn a lot of things in school, but the emphasis is often put on the less practical pieces of information, rather than the knowledge that will really help you get ahead and live a good life. On today’s episode, I’m going through...

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Don’t Be Offended!

July 12th, 2017

“You have to train yourself to laugh at adversity” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Today, it feels like everyone is looking for something to be offended by. Whether the thing has anything to do with them or not, they’re on the search for something that they can be offended by. If you really need to be offended, though, be offended by the big...

“Never be the person signing a contract that you don’t fully understand” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) How careful are you about the contracts that you sign? Do you read them and fully understand them, in all of their details, before attaching your signature? Or do you think it will all just magically “work out” somehow for you? Too many people...