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A podcast that is practically all about MOVIES! Cinema, films, celluloid, digital, whatever you want to call it. Jack and Andrew are the hosts, and we talk about new movies, classics, cult work, things we've seen and have never seen, special segments about directors and styles and trends, and 'Required Reading' which is about movie books. And the "Local Vocal" series gives you in-depth interviews with NYC/NJ based filmmakers, actors, artists and musicians.

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Local Vocal #2: MATT STEINER

May 3rd, 2015

Episode 49 of 250 episodes

We finally return to a segment we started a couple months ago (sorry for the delay) called 'Local Vocal', where Jack interviews local filmmakers, actors, artists, etc (as of now around NYC/tri-state area). On this second episode, the subject is MATT STEINER. Matt is an actor who has done some movies and TV pilot projects - one of the big ones currently making the rounds is LOSERS - but his passion and pride comes with THE REPRESENTATIVES, a theater project done with Stan Richardson where they put on apartment plays. A play, in an apartment, how does that work? Listen and find out the process, and Matt's stories of going to Cal Arts, Clown school and adventures in pushing the boundaries of theater and what a hybrid of TV and theater may look like in the near future. To see more of The Representatives you can go to www.therepresentatives.org as well as LOSERS at facebook.com/loserstvpilot for details on upcoming screenings (NEXT on MAY 9th in NYC! at the Katra Lounge). And visit our Facebook page (facebook.com/wagesofcinema) to see clips from the Reps and Losers. SUBSCRIBE on iTunes!

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