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The Wellness Guys’ Show are a fun filled half hour of education, information and inspiration from three of Australia’s top wellness experts sharing their unique knowledge on the why, the what and the how of acheiving ultimate health and wellness.


Gut health continues to be the topic de jourin health and wellness circles and for some people it seems to be creating a bit of confusion. Enter Damian Kristof to clear the fog. In this episode Laurence and Brett pick Damian’s mind about how we work out what is actually wrong with the gut and […]

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After popping their cherry and talking about sex a few weeks ago the boys have entered into the danger zone again, this time to talk about sexual dysfunction. It is an important topic that affects the lives of millions and this episode is chock full of important information. From the importance of the right focus, […]

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TWG 287: Inspired by Hillary

January 8th, 2017

Folowing on from our last interview with an inspiring human, LT and DK interview yet another inspiring human, Hillary King-Sullivan about how life when it throws curve balls, can be tackled and dealt with accordingly. LT and DK are inspired by Hillary’s courageous story of loss, fight, grit and determination and the lengths she goes […]

In this week’s episode, we explore how one woman was able to transform a troubled teen life to a mother and wife of an incredible family. Life is never without its obstacles. But for Leanne Anders (co-host of Bumi’s World), the obstacles began early in life. From a troubled past including being homeless at […]