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People want free content. Publishers want to pay their bills. Editors want to reach audiences. Brands want to reach customers. But people don’t want to see ads – and adblockers are seriously disrupting what may have been an imperfect but tolerable financial model for many publishers and audiences. So: how are media outlets dealing with...

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New News: Reporting Islam

November 17th, 2016

Has greater media coverage of Muslims and Islam increased understanding … or fuelled the opposite? How can journalists achieve greater accuracy and fairness in reporting? Can more nuanced and diverse stories offset the persistence of stereotypes – and the ol’ ‘us versus them’?

Governments used to micromanage the broadcasting business and agonise about what newspaper, TV and radio moguls thought of their policies on media. As users shift to other sources for their news, information and entertainment, are media policy makers asleep at the wheel?

Serious news to sustain democracy, or all the fun of the fair? Nowhere are recent changes and developments in journalism more apparent than in election reporting: live counts, AR data visualisation, real-time statistical modelling and visual storytelling still leave one question hanging – how much influence does media have over elections? A...