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Housekeeping #2: ID

June 10th, 2016

Episode 882 of 976 episodes

'The AEC looked into the matter after Australia’s last federal election. They found almost 19,000 names struck off the electoral roll more than once.' In the second episode ofHousekeeping– the Wheeler Centre's five-part mini-series of short podcast features on Australian democracy– Jarni Blakkarlylooks into the practice of multiple voting. Should voters be required to present photo ID on Election Day? Illustration: Jon Tjhia Producer: Jarni BlakkarlySupervising producer, mix and sound design: Jon Tjhia Prefer to read it? 6 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #1, Sizzle: ‘This is what being Australian is allabout’ / Australian politics Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly 10 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #2, ID: Who votes more thanonce? / Australian politics Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly 17 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #3, No-Shows: Why do people abstain from voting inAustralia? / Australian politics Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly 27 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #4, Scrutiny: How do you know that your vote reallycounts? / Privacy Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly 30 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #5, Locked Out: Do prisoners have the right tovote? / Social justice Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly

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