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Housekeeping #5: Locked Out

June 30th, 2016

Episode 886 of 976 episodes

There’s one group of Australian citizens in this country that we, as a society, have denied the right to vote. In the fifth and final episode ofHousekeeping– the Wheeler Centre's five-part mini-series of short podcast features on Australian democracy–Jarni Blakkarly looks at the confusing status of prisoners' voting rights in Australia. (Don't forget to listen to partsone,two,three and four!) Illustration: Jon Tjhia Producer: Jarni BlakkarlySupervising producer, mix and sound design: Jon Tjhia No time to listen? Read it instead 6 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #1, Sizzle: ‘This is what being Australian is allabout’ / Australian politics Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly 10 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #2, ID: Who votes more thanonce? / Australian politics Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly 17 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #3, No-Shows: Why do people abstain from voting inAustralia? / Australian politics Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly 27 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #4, Scrutiny: How do you know that your vote reallycounts? / Privacy Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly 30 Jun 2016 Note Housekeeping #5, Locked Out: Do prisoners have the right tovote? / Social justice Guest post by Jarni Blakkarly

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