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July 15th, 2015

Episode 830 of 976 episodes

To greet the release of Harper Lee’s long lostGo Set a Watchman, we present a unique, immersive tribute to its legendary companion,To Kill a Mockingbird. First published 45 years ago to immediate acclaim (and a swift Pulitzer gong),To Kill a Mockingbird’s influence runs deep – through the legal and political establishment as well as the literary world. With the help of six writers, thinkers and artists, and playwright Anne-Louise Sarks, we pull apart and rebuildMockingbird. They take us through the key moments of the story so well-loved, exposing its incisive relevance through discussions of its major concerns:themes such as race, class and gender, and laws written and unwritten. Led by host Jennifer Byrne, Nicola Roxon, Lex Lasry, Tony Birch, Virginia Gayand Bruce Gladwintraverse multiple moments and characters from the text as they celebrate a legacy –and its historic twist – half a century in the making.

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