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The YoGPoD is the podcast spin-off of the youtube series of videos known as the YOGSCAST (youtube.com/bluexephos). Hosted by Lewis and Simon, aka Zephos and Honeydew, the YoGPoD features the same humour and irreverent comedy stylings as the YOGSCAST with guests such as Hannah, lover of cushions and Yohi, lover of weed.

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Triforce! #19: Homebrew Fanfiction

September 14th, 2016

Episode 134 of 164 episodes

The intricacies of Artificial Intelligence, Deanna Troi in a mud-wrestling battle against herself and the first issue of Pyrion's homebrew fanfiction - Bodega Dives To The Right. Triforce is back, baby! Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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