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Awakening Shakti

September 28th, 2016

Episode 145 of 155 episodes

Awakening Shakti,Sally Kempton's new book, shows everyone – both men and women -- how to participate in, and benefit from, the healing power of goddess energy. Sally gives us a mythic manual for a new kind of feminism – feminism of the soul. This is a good thing because humanity needs feminine power now as both a healing tonic and a source of reinvention. In this podcast Kelly Howell and Sally Kempton discuss how to invoke the transformative power of the Hindu goddesses through meditation, mantra, visualization and active engagement. At the end of this podcast is an introductory guided meditation to embody the energy of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and good fortune. Sally Kempton has been studying and teaching the wisdom of yoga for 45 years. She shares how to embody the energy of the goddesses in a very real, visceral and experiential way. For more information on Sally, visit www.SallyKempton.com

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