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Healthy Grieving

April 14th, 2008

Episode 53 of 155 episodes

If you are dealing with the loss of a friend or loved one, the loss of a job, your health or the loss of anything you valued, this podcast addresses the symptoms of grief and how to move through the process in a healthy, positive way. I recently lost two people I loved this year, within only a few months of each other. Before I had a chance to recover from the first loss--my beloved father-in-law, the second one loomed heavily- my step mom of 30 years just died of pancreatic cancer. I meditated at her bedside as she passed. When she left her body, spirit passed through all our hearts in a wave of love. It is an experience I will cherish always. As I observe myself through this process, I continue to discover gifts. Gifts of life and gifts of death. Here are personal notes from sessions with Grief Councilor, Joe Stinson featured in this show. He can be reached for private phone sessions at: 650-757-1300

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