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Optimize Your Brain for the Best Performance

October 28th, 2005

Episode 2 of 155 episodes

Episode #1 SHOW NOTES Learn how to get the clearest possible signals from your brain. The difference between coherent and incoherent brain waves is explored. Coherent waves are clear, unbroken signals that are jam packed with information. These waves are always present in peak performance brain states, they are associated with clear thinking, heightened creativity and higher states of awareness. Incoherent waves are more like static fuzz; they are associated with scattered, unfocused thinking, stress and a lot of confusion. Tools and techniques for creating coherent brain states are reviewed. Resources: The Freeze Framer from the Heartmath Institute: www.heartmath.org/ Brain Machines http://www.bio-medical.com/results.cfm?inventory__iclass=stm

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