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Australian comedian Steele Saunders loves Star Wars and each episode he finds people of interest to talk to him about it. Whether with comedians, Star Wars cast members, authors, artists or super fans the Star Wars chat is often hilarious & always informative for all levels of fan! From the creator and host of one of Australia's most popular comedy podcasts I Love Green Guide Letters & part of the Making Star Wars podcast network at MakingStarWars.net Lucasfilm released spoilers only. www.SteeleWars.com

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Johnny Grasso of the Rogue Won podcast joins us to discuss… -Steele's bad Star Wars mood-Han Solo casting-Boba Fett stand alone film-Star Wars Parodies and the death of Star Wars De-Tours-Bizarre fan theories-Upcoming Rebels episodes and what better not happen Plus in the SIXTY MINUTE SUPPORTER BONUS SECTION… -Favourite vintage Star Wars toys-Is...

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EXCLUSIVE FOR STEELE WARS SUPPORTERS! Become a Steele Wars Supporter for just $3 AUD (APPROX $2 USA) a month! (like 10cents a day). BONUS SHOWS, LIVE COMMENTARIES & CLASSIC EPISODES! Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net & Steele Saunders of Steele Wars chat Star Wars. On this episode of Making Steele Wars Jason and Steele reminisce about the...

Ben and I discuss all the Star Wars video games throughout the years, along with the good and bad of what virtual reality might bring. We talk about our differening takes on Marvel Star Wars and what we each want out of them. Plus a tonne of great stories. A super fun episode. YOU CAN HELPSteele Wars a sweet 5 star review oniTunesor plug the...

Riley Blanton of The Star Wars Report joins us to discuss…-Rogue One Blu-Ray special features-Star Wars Red Cup-Old Lando talking to young Lando-Best of the new canon-BIG plans for Star Wars Celebration Orlando-Lando's future in film and books-Waiting until 2019 for episode 8 Plus in the FORTY FIVE MINUTE SUPPORTER BONUS SECTION…-Is there too...