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The Steele Wars podcast is undisputedly the most versatile & dynamic show in Star Wars media. Uniquely combining comedian Steele Saunders’ decade of stand up comedy experience, a lifetime love of Star Wars and a passion for podcasting that earned a “Best Comedy Podcast 2016” award from iTunes, Steele Wars is a hilarious, passionate & informative must download for Star Wars fans the world over. From insightful, yet lighthearted interviews with Star Wars cast and crew, talkback radio style listener call in shows, hilarious Star Wars event audio blog podcasts and laugh a minute live panel podcasts at some of the world’s most prestigious comedy festivals, Steele presents the Star Wars franchise in a style that is accessible and entertaining to both the casual fan and the hardcore connoisseur.

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Gonk & Steele's Trash Compactor Ep009 - SIZZLE CLIP

January 22nd, 2017

Episode 282 of 342 episodes

WARNING FREQUENT DROID SWEARING On this episode of the Trash Compactor, Gonk & Steele face off on... -Racoons vs Steele -Bor Gullet vs the Rancor -Replacement radar dishes vs red arms -Rogue One vs The Force Awakens -Facts about the Thrawn novel vs Gonk’s roommate -Gonk’s dreams of finding toys he can’t afford vs Steele’s dreams of finding free toys behind the store -Carrie Fisher memories vs Gonk’s terrible memory of conversations he just had -Tarkin vs CGI Tarkin -Funko Pops vs things Gonk doesn’t hate with a passion TO HEAR THE FULL HOUR PLUS EPISODE AND OVER100SUPPORTER EXCLUSIVE EPISODES BECOME A STEELE WARS SUPPORTER! Become a Steele Wars Supporter for just $3 AUD (APPROX $2 USA) a month! (like 10cents a day). BONUS SHOWS, LIVE COMMENTARIES & CLASSIC EPISODES! Listen to the growing archive of classic interviews, special event coverage & weekly brand new supporter exclusive bonus shows as thanks for your much appreciated support and becauseHOW FUN IS TALKING STAR WARS.Plus get 15% off all merch orders and first chance at live event tickets while feeling good that you're helping us continue to pump out great Star Wars content. Get immediate access to the Steele Wars Bandcamp bonus shows. THEME REMIX BY MIKEY TRAPPS.COVER ART BY REID PARKER /BETTERWITHBATMAN.com SHOW NOTESPatrick Bonfrisco

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