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The Steele Wars podcast is undisputedly the most versatile & dynamic show in Star Wars media. Uniquely combining comedian Steele Saunders’ decade of stand up comedy experience, a lifetime love of Star Wars and a passion for podcasting that earned a “Best Comedy Podcast 2016” award from iTunes, Steele Wars is a hilarious, passionate & informative must download for Star Wars fans the world over. From insightful, yet lighthearted interviews with Star Wars cast and crew, talkback radio style listener call in shows, hilarious Star Wars event audio blog podcasts and laugh a minute live panel podcasts at some of the world’s most prestigious comedy festivals, Steele presents the Star Wars franchise in a style that is accessible and entertaining to both the casual fan and the hardcore connoisseur.

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Live Call In Show – Ep 35 : Amanda Ward - Forces Of Destiny & Pablo Hidalgo live debunks one of the worst fan theories ever for us

July 11th, 2017

Episode 339 of 342 episodes

Amanda Ward ofMakingStarWars.netand the Rebel Grrrl podcast joins us to discuss… -Breakdown of Forces of Destiny episodes -Steele's sick of all the dimensions -The balance between entertaining kids and adults with the cartoons -Night watcher worm is making things too difficult for himself -Forces of Destiny spinoff -Changeling's utensil agenda -Darth Amanda Ward -Jyn Erso the galaxies greatest hero -A girl and her dewback -Ideal Forces of Destiny episodes -Eric Strothers believes R2-D2 is the Ben Burtt of the Star Wars universe. -Pablo Hidalgo weighs in on Eric's nonsense theory -Rebecca is burned out by Han Solo -Normal people don't care if a hero is male or female -Cosplaying as Captain Phasma -Pablo Hidalgo ostracizes Eric Strothers from Star Wars PLUS IN THE THIRTY MINUTE SUPPORTER BONUS SECTION -Brittani thinks people are worrying too much about Forces of Destiny -A sleepwalking wampa -D23 2017 -K Dawg is loving all the Rey this week -Does Forces of Destiny work better as back story or deleted scenes? -Best Leia outfit -Perfect balance of adorable and merciless killer -Emily wants more Maz Kanata -Star Wars cats 365 days of the year -Where Eric Strothers first posted about his bizarre R2-D2 theory SUPPORT STEELE WARS ON PATREON!Enjoy all our bonus shows and full backcataloguedirect to the podcast player or app of your choice while ensuring the continuing production of the Steele Wars Star Wars podcast. Bonus content shows include Making Steele Wars, Steele Wars Live Movie Commentaries, Live Call In Bonus Show, Patreon Q&A Show, fulllengthinsert free versions of all Steele Wars episodes and Gonk & Steele's Trash Compactor (when Gonk isn't so busy). www.patreon.com/SteeleWars LISTEN LIVE AND PARTICPATE IN THE STEELE WARS CALL I N SHOW STREAMLIVEBlogTalkRadio.com/SteeleWars CALL IN(646) 668-8360USA SKYPE IN+1(646) 668-8360WORLDWIDE www.SteeleWars.com www.SteeleWars.com/iTunes YOU CAN HELPSteele Wars a sweet 5 star review oniTunesor plug the show onFacebookorTwitter. I really appreciate it. TheMidichlorianCount.com IT'S THE ONION FOR STAR WARS FANS! YOUR SNOKE THEORY SUCKS T-SHIRTS & STICKERS HAVE YOU SEEN HIMT-SHIRTS & STICKERS Purchasing through iTunes or Amazon? PLEASE USE THESE LINKS iTunes Amazon GET A FREE STAR WARS AUDIO BOOK & HELP SUPPORT THE SHOW!FOR A FREE 1 MONTH AUDIBLE TRIAL AND A FREE AUDIBLE BOOK CLICKGet an audiobook of your choice, free, with a 30-day trial. Cancel before your trial ends and you will not be charged. Listen to Steele's award winning comedy podcast: I Love Green Guide Letterswww.ilovegreenguideletters.com Part of The Planet Broadcasting Podcast Network and The Making Star Wars Podcast Network. For podcast advertising enquires contact Claire on [email protected] Follow the podcast:www.SteeleWars.comwww.Twitter.com/SteeleWarswww.Facebook.com/ThisIsntThepodwww.Instagram.com/SteeleWars Follow Steele:www.SteeleSaunders.comwww.Twitter.com/SteeleSaunderswww.Facebook.com/SteeleSaunderswww.Instagram.com/SteeleSaundersPodcast cover photoshopping by Reid Parker:www.twitter.com/reidparker_www.itsbetterwithbatman.tumblr.comPodcast theme music by Paul Dempseywww.twitter.com/PaulDempseywww.SomethingForKate.com

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