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Australian comedian Steele Saunders loves Star Wars and each episode he finds people of interest to talk to him about it. Whether with comedians, Star Wars cast members, authors, artists or super fans the Star Wars chat is often hilarious & always informative for all levels of fan! From the creator and host of one of Australia's most popular comedy podcasts I Love Green Guide Letters & part of the Making Star Wars podcast network at MakingStarWars.net Lucasfilm released spoilers only. www.SteeleWars.com

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Live Call In Show - Ep 4 : Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net - Star Wars Rebels Season 3, how and why people leak spoilers & much more

September 13th, 2016

Episode 228 of 290 episodes

Jason Ward fromMakingStarWars.netjoins us to take your calls on…- Star Wars Rebels, "Steps into Shadow” preview clip anylisis and discussion.- Jason Ward’s GQ appearance.- Mark Hamill name dropping Making Star Wars.- Vintage Star Wars Mini-Rigs.- Life changing collectables.- Rebels season two thoughts.- Did we miss the perfect time and place to kill Asoka? Will any future return be as much impact?- Would we want to write a Star Wars story?Plus in the 1 HOUR & 10 MINUTE SUPPORTER BONUS SECTION…- Bootleg merchandise.- People taking offence to #YourSnokeTheorySucks.- Should Rogue One get an Episode 8 teaser?- Does Jason think Episode 8 leaks are harder to get than for The Force Awakens?- The varying fan reactions to people sneaking onto Star Wars sets.- Our strange childhood Star Wars contractions.- Thoughts on Guardians Of The Galaxy’s James Gunn spoiling the spoilers?- Why some crewmembers like leeks.- In “The Force Back”, who is the slain clan leader a clan leader of?- Speculation about trees in Star Wars is the ending of Shattered Empire setting up Episode 8?- The Star Wars - Karate Kid connection.- Is the inclusion of Saw Gerrera over hyped?- The mysterious video George Lucas made for Lucasfilm explaining The Force.- How Lucasfilm benefits from Star Wars spoilers.

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