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Australian comedian Steele Saunders loves Star Wars and each episode he finds people of interest to talk to him about it. Whether with comedians, Star Wars cast members, authors, artists or super fans the Star Wars chat is often hilarious & always informative for all levels of fan! From the creator and host of one of Australia's most popular comedy podcasts I Love Green Guide Letters & part of the Making Star Wars podcast network at MakingStarWars.net Lucasfilm released spoilers only. www.SteeleWars.com

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Questions You Have? Answers I give. Ep001

March 29th, 2016

Episode 147 of 290 episodes

Here's a quick clip from the first epsidoe ofQuestions You Have? Answers I give, a new exclusive show on the Steele Wars supporter page. In this first episode of this new listener Q & A show we tackle... - Will there be a Obi-Wan Kenobi movie or mini series? - Why does Kylo Ren wear a mask and does he keep it in Vader's ashes? - Are you surprised with the "Tell that to Kanjiklub" popularity? - Will Lando be in Episode 8? - Who's appearing at the Comedy Festival Live Shows? - Thoughts on #WheresRey? - Which Millennium Falcon co-pilot is Ash Williams most like? & way more 54min of Star Wars talk exclusively for Steele Wars supporters! TO HEAR THE FULL EPISODE AND OVER 60SUPPORTER EXCLUSIVE EPISODES BECOME A STEELE WARS SUPPORTER! Become a Steele Wars Supporter for just $3 AUD (APPROX $2 USA) a month! (like 10cents a day). BONUS SHOWS, LIVE COMMENTARIES & CLASSIC EPISODES! Listen to the growing archive of classic interviews, special event coverage & weekly brand new supporter exclusive bonus shows as thanks for your much appreciated support and becauseHOW FUN IS TALKING STAR WARS.Plus get 15% off all merch orders and first chance at live event tickets while feeling good that you're helping us continue to pump out great Star Wars content. Get immediate access to the Steele Wars Bandcamp bonus shows.

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