Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen


Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen like to talk and now they have microphones. Join them for conversations of little or no consequence.

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Wil and Charlie discuss the first Tuesday after the first Monday in the last November before, quite possibly, the end of all things. Shout out to the NSA, if you're listening...

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Wil and Charlie discuss the impending doomsday/American Presidential election, Charles being in charge of our days AND our nights, and Mulder & Scully vs. Hasselhoff & Eggert.

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TOFOP 143- Bros Before Hoss

October 30th, 2016

Wil and Charlie discuss making good use of a litter box, LA Podfest, and a smattering of other events from their time away from the show.

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TOFOP - LA Podfest 2016

October 23rd, 2016

Recorded live from the Beverly Room at the Sofitel Los Angeles on September 24, 2016.