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Up The Creek

August 8th, 2008

Episode 9 of 11 episodes

The campers participate in a 3 part canoe race to Boney Island, the Deadliest Place in Muskoka! Geoff tries to get closer to Bridgette. Cody hits on Gwen a gazillion times (he got hit too, in the nuts). Geoff has a shocking injury, sending the Bass into crisis mode and things get worse when Harold throws all the paddles into the fire. Izzy tells the Killer Bass what happened when she had no paddles for a boat so DJ swims pushes the boat back to camp, bravely. Beth brings home a Tiki doll as a souvenir from Boney Island, which causes curses among Beth and her team. Izzy is found by the RCMP and runs away from them, thus eliminating herself.

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