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Join professors Caleb & Christian as they teach you all about the Pathfinder RPG. We talk about game mechanics, review classes, discuss Gm and player techniques, and much more! From beginners to experts, everyone can attend this class for a great time.


Part of our Race Overview series, where we go over the playable races. This episode covers the Wyrwood race published in Bestiary 4. www.tblazer.net

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Book Review - Bestiary 1

July 6th, 2017

The Book Review series is where we examine the the books, and let you know whether we recommend them or not. This episode covers Bestiary 1, the first set of published monsters. www.tblazer.net

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July 1st, 2017

The Trailblazers podcast has moved from this feed to it’s very own. This feed is nowexclusively Pathfinder Academy. It is our hope that this makes a more convient listening experience for you. You can find links to all of our podcasts and their feeds on our website www.TBlazer.net. Trailblazers iTunes:...

Part of our 300 series about advanced topics, Pathfinder 302 covers how to and whether you should roleplay your stats, or hold your players to exactly what their ability scores would dictate. Featuring special guest Paul from Tales from the Lich (formerly Softly Speaking Sanskrit). Also featuring a cameo from F. Wesley Schneider (co-creator of...