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Two Plus Two is the leading publisher of poker strategy and advantage gambling books. Now, Two Plus Two is bringing that same level of expertise and quality to audio in the form of Pokercasts.


#354 - Pokercast 354 - Jaime “Pokerstaples” Staples, James Hartigan and a ton of Mailbag!

March 5th, 2015

Episode 70 of 306 episodes

This week on the Pokercast: Another jam packed show for you! Terrence is still in Vancouver with us and joins us in studio again as we bring the poker content to your earbuds. Adam starts with a story of how him and MJ appeared in a popular phone app, and we get into “In Case You Missed It”. The big story this week is the signing of the popular poker player, streamer and personality Jason Somerville to Pokerstars as he embarks to stream on Twitch tv for 70 days in a row as a new addition to the Pokerstars team. Other topics of discussion this week are Michael Mizrachi’s new betting platform for last-longers in MTT’s and a couple of popular threads in News, Views and Gossip about table selection and how partners at the poker table should be exposed. Our feature guest this week is the Twitch tv streamer “Pokerstaples”, Jaime Staples is an MTT Pro from Alberta who has gained a big following over a short amount of time on Twitch. He joins us from his home to talk about his sudden success in the world of poker streaming, the online tournament grind and how being a streaming pro affects your game. Jaime also plays a newly revised version of “Stripper Trivia” with us and shares his plans for the future. The guys review some tweets in “140 or less” and also give some shout outs from the “Where in the world are you listening from?” thread in the Pokercast forum. In the third segment Adam and Terrence tackle the mounds of mail that have accumulated over the last couple weeks and get to all of your questions/concerns. For yet another week an EPT Live commentator joins us! James Hartigan gets on the line from London for this weeks Pokerstars segment to talk about the Sunday Million 9th anniversary, how him and Terrence met and more. James also takes a crack at “Stripper Trivia”. The Pokerstars Invitational password and format is also hidden in the show with a special significance attached this week, so listen for it! (Featured guests: Jaime "Pokerstaples" Staples, James Hartigan)

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