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Transmedia storyteller & novelist J.C. Hutchins chats with creatives, and provides updates about his own creative work, in this podcast.


I finished listening to Missing Richard Simmons yesterday. It was pretty good. Check it out.Back when I was a newspaper reporter, I interviewed Richard Simmons. Predictably, he was a hoot. During the interview, I asked him for, like, "5 tips for living healthy" or something like that for a sidebar. One of them stuck with me:"Don't walk among...

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Updates, Interviews and More - J.C. Hutchins cover

Pass the Chips

March 17th, 2017

My new personal mantra when it comes to writing:Potato chips, not pearls.Meaning: Nearly everything I write will be consumed quickly and compulsively. It's disposable. I must move fast to keep pace. Be less precious. Make it peppy, hit my goal, drop the mic and GTFO. Do it all over again.I'm realizing the greatest sin I've probably committed as...

Updates, Interviews and More - J.C. Hutchins cover

Resistance Radio

March 8th, 2017

WOW! A special package was delivered to my home last night, sent from an ALTERNATE 1960s. In this alt-world, the fascists won the war, and America ain't what it oughta be. (Sound familiar?)This is brilliant work from my dear friends at Campfire. It's a bona fide artifact from another world. It looks and feels absolutely authentic. And there's a...