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December 2nd, 2011

Episode 14 of 117 episodes

Yesterday, I released 7th Son: The Soundtrack,nearly 30 minutes of classical music inspired by my 7th Sontechnothriller trilogy. If you haven't already, you oughta take a listen.The terrific music was composed by University of Rhode Island student Brandon Winrich, a talented young man who's set his eyes on someday creating musical scores for films, TV shows and video games. If his 7th Sonmusic is any indication, Brandon won't have a problem finding work after graduation.In addition to providing a recording of that evening's performance, Brandon gave me some incredible liner notes, packed with comments and artistic insights about the creation of 7th Son: The Soundtrack, all written by him. He was keen to share his creative commentary with my audience. I was happy to oblige, and designed a downloadable PDF for you.A link to these liner notes is below. If you've ever wanted a behind-the-scenes peek at a composer's creative process, you should check it out.--J.C.Download "Liner Notes: 7th Son – The Soundtrack" PDF

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