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Episode 4 of The 33 Will Be Late. Here's Why.

May 1st, 2014

Episode 100 of 117 episodes

It's May 1st, and the fourth monthly episode of The 33 hasn't yet been published. It should've been released yesterday.While several freelance commitments have interfered with my writing, the delay is largely due to the sheer size and scope of the episode. Episode 4 is also the final installment of Pramantha, The 33's super-sized inaugural adventure. Readers of the series know that we've been building toward an epic confrontation for several episodes now. Episode 4 is the big finale. Lots of action, hard decisions, sorcery and sacrifice. Oh, and explosions. A whole crap-ton of explosions. When I outlined Pramantha many months ago, I knew it was a big story, but it's proved to be even bigger (and far more fun to write) than I expected. Lots of character moments, hints at secret histories, sassy dialogue and action. Episode 1 was around 10,000 words. Episode 2 was around 15,000 words. Episode three was over 20,000 words.The episode I'm presently writing will likely clock in at 30,000 words. Them's a lot of words! I'm currently in the home stretch of the first draft, but it ain't done, and won't be for a few days.I'm aiming for a publish date of mid-May. That should give me enough time for editorial revisions, ebook production & proofing, and recording & producing the audiobook.Since The 33 episode 4 will be released later this month, the next full-length episode of The 33 (episode 5) will not be released at the end of May, as expected. Instead, episode 5, tentatively titled Needles, will debut at the end of June.To make up for this delay, I'll release a short piece of The 33 fiction in early June. This story won't be a conventional The 33 episode; it'll be shorter, and likely more intimate and character-driven. It will also be free.Subscribers to The 33 newsletter will automatically receive this free short story when it's released. Those who aren't subscribers can watch my Twitter feed, or revisit my site, for the announcement. (I recommend signing up for the newsletter for updates.)Episode 4's increased length will not affect its price. This "double issue"-sized story will sell for the same price as all other episodes.I'm very sorry for episode 4's delay. I'm working very hard to make it a fun, terrific read. I cherish your support, and know the conclusion to Pramantha will be worth the wait.As always, give me a shout if you have any questions. Thanks for your patience.

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