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Podcast: Interview with C.C. Chapman, Author of "Amazing Things Will Happen"

December 14th, 2012

Episode 64 of 117 episodes

Today, J.C. chats with longtime friend and social media maven & author C.C. Chapman about C.C.'s new nonfiction book, Amazing Things Will Happen.In many online circles, C.C. is known for his positivity and relentless work ethic. In his new book Amazing Things Will Happen, C.C. explores the tricky subject of self-improvement and embracing change. In this conversation, J.C. and C.C. chat about the book's approach to guiding one's life toward achieving goals and dreams — and not merely settling for current circumstances, as so many of us do.It's a terrific conversation that goes to some very fun, funny and positive places.Links mentioned in this episode:C.C.'s personal websiteLearn more about Amazing Things Will Happen at the author's websiteAmazing Things Will Happen reviewed in the Washington PostThe Cleon Foundation Download the Interview

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