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Podcast: Interview with Jordan Weisman, on "Shadowrun Returns"

April 4th, 2012

Episode 32 of 117 episodes

Today, J.C. brings you an exclusive interview with legendary transmedia creator and game designer Jordan Weisman. In his first audio interview on the topic, Jordan shares the news about a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development and release of Shadowrun Returns, a videogame that will bring players back to the ultra-imaginative RPG world of Shadowrun. Longtime players of paper-and-pen role playing games know Shadowrun well; in fact, the near future tech-meets-magic RPGsetting remains a beloved storyworld for many gaming enthusiasts.Here, Jordan shares stories about the beginnings of his RPG company FASA, the creation of Shadowrunin the 1980s, and the opportunity to "Kickstart" a new tablet & PC video game set in the Shadowrun world. Along the way, he describes the game itself, and the nuanced, multi-faceted play it will deliver.It's a terrific talk with a true ultracreative in the transmedia and game industries, and a chance to support the creation of a cool story-driven video game!Links mentioned in this episode: Shadowrun ReturnsKickstarter page Shadowrun Returns coverage at gaming site Kotaku Harebrained Schemes, Jordan's game company Personal Effects: Dark Art, the transmedia thriller novel written by J.C. and Jordan More information about Shadowrunat Wikipedia Download the Interview

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