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Podcast: Interview with Josh Viola, Creator of "The Bane of Yoto"

March 13th, 2012

Episode 26 of 117 episodes

J.C. chats with his friendJosh Viola, writer and creator of The Bane of Yoto, a compelling science-fiction / fantasy mashup narrative that's currently unfolding on mobile devices as a free downloadable app. In this conversation, Josh describes the creative roots of the Yoto storyworld, and its fascinating journey from novel to multimedia iOS app.If you're keen to learn how independent creators are taking advantage of emerging technologies such as the iPad to tell compelling never-before-seen stories, this episode is a must-listen.Links mentioned in this episode: The Bane Of Yoto "soft launch" free iOS app The Bane Of YotoFacebook page The Bane Of Yoto website Leviathan Games FiXT Online Celldweller Download the Interview

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