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Podcast: Interview with Kate Sullivan, of Candlemark & Gleam

March 20th, 2012

Episode 29 of 117 episodes

Today, J.C. chats with Kate Sullivan, the mastermind of indie digital publisher Candlemark & Gleam. The company, which has been publishing books since 2010, pioneers the emerging digital publishing space, and often experiments with promotion and distribution. In this conversation, Kate shares the story behindCandlemark & Gleam, and dives deep on the innovative business and distribution model fueling the recent release of C&G's latest title Constellation Games, a sci-fi comedy novelwritten by Leonard Richardson.It's a fun and fascinating look at the publishing marketplace, and how indie publishers are uniquely poised to move fast, bet smart, and win big.Links mentioned in this episode: Candlemark & Gleam Constellation Games Author Leonard Richardson Download the Interview

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