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Podcast: StoryForward, Episode 000 -- Interview with Thomas Dolby

January 16th, 2012

Episode 19 of 117 episodes

Hey, everybody! After a long hiatus from regular podcasting, I'm back to the digital airwaves as co-host of the ARGNetcast, a show that covers the transmedia storytelling space. I'll be posting episodes of that show here in my podcast feed (unless folks pipe up and tell me not to). Tell me what you think of the show by giving co-host Steve Peters and I a shout at info at storyworldpodcast dot com! Now, on to the episode's show notes!On this show, singer/songwriterThomas Dolbyjoins hosts Steve Peters and JC Hutchins, as they discuss Science, pushing creativity forward through technology, and the unique game project he co-created for his latest album, The Map of the Floating City.Links from this show: Metacortechs Thomas Dolby A Map of the Floating City(game and website) A Map of the Floating City(iTunes album link) Thomas Dolby Time Capsule Press Release Thomas Dolby Tour Page Storycode Transmedia LA StoryWorld Conference ARGFest Mouth Taped Shut Robot Heart Stories Zombies, Run! Phonopath ARGNet StoryForward Podcast Download StoryForward, Episode 000

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