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Podcast: StoryForward, Episode 008 -- Adrian Hon, Jim Babb & Mur Lafferty

April 24th, 2012

Episode 34 of 117 episodes

Note: J.C.'s recent conversation with Shadowruncreator Jordan Weisman was re-broadcast at the StoryForward site as episode 007 of that show. This explains the "missing" 007 episode of StoryForward in J.C.'s podcast feed -- it was already published.In a special roundtable discussion,Mur Lafferty,Adrian Hon(Six to Start) andJim Babb(Awkward Hug) join hosts J.C. Hutchins and Steve Peters as they talk about their recent Kickstarter campaigns.If you’re in the midst of, or thinking about, starting a Kickstarter campaign for your creative project,you won’t want to miss this episode. Best practices and great advice abound!Links mentioned in this episode: The Ugly Side of Kickstarter Download StoryForward, Episode 8

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