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Podcast: StoryForward, Episode 013 -- Sean Stacey, Jonathan Waite & Michael Andersen

June 17th, 2012

Episode 40 of 117 episodes

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of ARG websites Unfiction and ARGNet in this history-packed episode. Guests Sean C. Stacey (Unfiction), Jonathan Waite and Michael Andersen (ARGNet) join Steve and J.C. and look back at the early days of Alternate Reality Games. In this retrospective, they talk about highlights of the past 10 years, where things have come, and what the future may hold.Links mentioned in this episode: Unfiction Forums ARGNet ARGN Forums Cloudmakers Jawbreakers Yahoo Group Martha’s Boarding House (archive) Deaddrop.us Metacortechs Metacortechs Wiki I Love Bees Ilovebees Wiki Chasing the Wish (forum) Legend of the Sacred Urns (forum) Art of the Heist Regenesis (forum) Smirkbox Must Love Robots Unfiction Donations (Paypal) ARGFest.com Download StoryForward, Episode 13

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