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Transmedia storyteller & novelist J.C. Hutchins chats with creatives, and provides updates about his own creative work, in this podcast.


Podcast: StoryForward, Episode 28 -- Lina Srivastava

March 8th, 2013

Episode 72 of 117 episodes

Steve and J.C. spend a little time with Lina Srivastava, as they talk about using transmedia techniques for activism, raising awareness and change. Also, ARGNet’s Michael J Andersen stops by to let us know what’s happening in the ARG world.Links mentioned in this episode:AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS crowdfunding campaignThe Walking Dead from Telltale GamesLina Srivastava’s siteLina Srivastava’s LinkedInLina Srivastava’s TwitterARGNetMIT Mystery HuntThe Lost ChildrenThe Maze of Games Kickstarter campaign Download StoryForward, Episode 28

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