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What You Said: Your Three Favorite Podcasts

October 25th, 2011

Episode 12 of 117 episodes

Today, I posted on Twitter, Facebook and Google+: Yo, I need YOUR help! I'm sniffing around for new things to listen to. What are your THREE FAVORITE podcasts? Hit me! Here's what you said. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! On Twitter... ElanaRoth-- ElanaAll of the How Stuff Works shows,@neiltyson's Star Talk radio, and anything from Slate. PeterKelly82--1) NPR: On The Media, 2) NPR: Planet Money, 3) NPR: Radiolab (I really like NPR) ONoesUDidnt--1) Functional Nerds 2) P2RTransmission, 3) SFSignal, 4) anyone who happens to be interviewing@pascallangdaleat the time Silvervale--The Gearheart, Disasterpiece Theatre, and Sigler (the list is longer, and you used to top it, but you've kinda pod faded ;)) ...@TeeMonsterand@PhilippaJaneare also strong contributors. rampantpanda--3 favorite podcasts: I Should Be Writing, Writing Excuses, andHPPodcraft.com trekkie--SMODCast, Slice of SciFi, and Real time with bill maher griner--These probably got mentioned, but I'm a big fan of Film Sack, Giant Bombcast, History of Rome, RadioLab & This Is Only a Test HoppingFun--Was hoping to catch live show in LA, but must settle for podcasts:@5TruthsAndALie sophialoving--top 3 podcasts: age of persuasion, spark and q with@jianghomeshi#proudcanuck Tonamel--Right now, mine are probably@theshaftpodcast@allsongsand@nerdist elizasea--citizen radio, qn, Star Talk with@neiltyson Mark_D_Harris--Major Spoilers, Ihnatko Almanac, Macbreak Weekly. ZombieFarmer--anything and everything by darker porjects and we're alive sullybaby--Nerdist, Adam Carolla, Skeptics Guide to the Universe. On Facebook... Jennifer Schooley Bengel--I listen to two podcasts- Handel On The Law and Freakonomics. John Wilkerson--Mac OS Ken, Get-It-Done Guys Quick and Dirty Tips, Security: Now! Matthew Wayne Selznick--Studio 360,Selected Shorts,In Our Time Rob Suarez--Old news but I am currently hooked on Decoder Ring Theater. Another really well produced audio drama series is Star Trek: Outpost from Giant Gnome Productions. Grant Baciocco--THe Art of Wrestling Podcast. SOme great interviews and 'road stories' from pro wrestlers. Aaron Osgood--Escape Pod Paul Pearson--The Critical Myth Podcast,The Moral of the Story Podcast,TOFOP: Aussie comedy podcast. Chris Mc White--Scott Sigler, WNYC Soundcheck and Harry Strange Jim Schmidt--The only podcast I listen to any more is Mac OS Ken - well, that, and as much of NHK World News that will fit into my morning commute Blair Herzig--All excellent Podiobook Novels free on itunes: 1. The Leviathan Chronicles 2. The Rookie 3. The Prophet of Panemindorah 4. Morevi 5. Shadowmagic 6. Murder at Avedon Hill Paul Knowles--Leviathan Chronicles, 7th Son, Urban Shooter, ProArms, Traders Tales, Bigger on the Inside, anything by Scott Sigler or Tee Morris or Paul E. Cooley, JRR Tolkien, and more. Gabe Reed--Mysterious Universe, Nature Podcast, TWiG Steve Pountney--Other than you, Radio 5 Live F1 (UK), Mike Bennett, The Bellfaire Podcast, The Escape Pod Amanda Tikkanen--Weird Things, Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, and Coverville, and Skeptoid! Void Munashii--(This is excluding Escape Artists podcasts)The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine,The Weekly Geek (which is, sadly, ending soon),Planet Money Mike Anino--Decoder Ring Theater, Thrilling Adventure Hour and Nerdist Jennifer Navarrete--We're getting ready to kick off National Podcast Post Month on November 1st. 30 days of podcasting from folks around the globe. For now you might want to look at PsuedoPod (scarey) or PodCastle (fantasy). Chuck Schell--Patrick E Mclean. How to succeed in evil. Daniel Schreiber--Right now my three favorite podcasts are Risk,WTF with Marc Maron,and Radio Lab Marc Lombart--My three: Slice of SciFi, Grammar Girl, and I Should be Writing. Tabitha Grace Smith--I'm pretty sure you listen to This American Life, so: Radio Lab is one of my new favorites. Other than TAL and Radio Lab the only other podcasts I listen to are mine or IntroCasts. Dave Minkus--Because I refuse to self-promote, I'll throw out anything that Leo Laporte does (my personal favorite is The Tech Guy), FilmJunk and GeeksOn. Anne-Marie Skjong-Nilsen--SModcast, Tank Riot, and RISK atm (but I got a bunch more I love). Rev Chumley--The adventures of Mike Detective, Air out my shorts, Superego Elizabeth Fracek Nalagan--The Geologic Podcast, AstronomyCast, and Radio Free Burrito (and that Mr. Wheaton needs to do a new episode soon!). Barbara Jungbauer--Escape Pod, that bald guy...Scott Sigler...and cruise through podiobooks.Oh! Dan Carlin's Hardcore History and any other art of history ones I can find. Kris Johnson--The Tobolowsky Files, Pulp Audio Weekly and The *mumble*mumble*mumble*. Vincent Hopwood--The Gearheart, Toothless. If you don't love 'em both, I'll eat my Facebook page. Clinton Alvord-- Judge John Hodgman, Tech News Today, Bells in the Batfry On Google+... Nicole Gugliucci--Geologic Podcast,The Death Panel,Skeptics Guide to the Universe Jonathan Howell--DrabbleCast,Tech News Today,Escape Pod John Miley--Cowry Catchers, or The Starter, if you're looking for episodic fiction, StarShipSofa, for more of a fanzine Daniel Andrlik--Writing excuses,Nerdist,The Bugle Seth Hanisek--Read It And Weep - three funny guys talk about bad books, movies and TV, 99% Invisible - short, brilliant pieces telling the stories of design,Necessary & Sufficient - discussions about pairs of words (much cooler than that description) Chris Grant--I Should Be Writing,Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing,Writing Excuses,Adam Carolla has a great, non-writing podcast, too. Kevin Lovecraft--hppodcraft,thehorror!,thescopeshow Jess Hartley--The Splendid Table (cooking/food), Car Talk (nominally cars, but really humor), Pulp Gamer Out of Character (mostly tabletop/board/card games) - Caveat for the last one - I used to guest-host on a regular basis, so I'm biased. Scott Roche--Currently Flash Pulp, Decorder Ring Theaterand WNYC's Radio Lab. Ryan H--Decoder Ring Theatre (modern versions of old-time radio),Quirks and Quarks (science show from Canada's public broadcaster),The New Yorker (authors appearing in the New Yorker reading stories that previously appeared in the magazine and inspired them) John Jennings--Skeptic's Guide to the Universe,Geologic Podcast,DrabbleCast Evan Lecklider--Geek Friday,Wait Wait Don't Tell Me,Back to Work Nobilis Reed--DrabbleCast,Dunesteef,Bedpost Confessions R Taylor--Non-fiction: Geek Out! with Mainframe, Nutty Bites, Polyamory Weekly.Fiction: Trader's Tales, Podcastle, The Gearheart Tim Mills--Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews Ben Gerber--History of Rome,Radiolab,Smodcast Doak Williford--Astronomy Cast, The Moth,Le Show David Jacobs--Check this dude out. mouselink Christopher Morse--Never Not Funny,Thrilling Adventure Hour,Walking the Room Maurice Singleton--EscapePod, Clarksworld and Lightspeed are all good. I like Starship Sofa too, but its usually pretty long.For reviews of "genre" tv, movies & pop culture, try SliceOfSciFi.com. NPR's Planet Money and WSJ Tech News briefing are good quick hits also. Martyn Casserly--Hatchet Job podcast,Thinking Allowed,Gamers With Jobs Richard Green--View From Valhalla, Parsec winners and finalists,Decoder Ring Theatre Jared Axelrod--"This American Life," "Planet Money" and "How Did This Get Made" murph nj--No Agenda,The Linux Link Tech Show,The Tin Foil Hat Show. Jonathan Kift--Drabblecast (weird fiction and hilarity),FIlmspotting (fun, unpretentious film criticism),The Dice Tower (best boardgaming podcast on the planet) Tobias Queen--The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine,The Metamor City Podcast,FETIDUS - The Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead and Supernatural,Jake Bible Audio Fiction,Guild of the Cowry Catchers David Risner--Skeptics Guide to the Universe,Wait Wait Don't Tell Me,Tech News Today Natalie Metzger--Current favorites include:FourCast,Radio Lab,Geek A Week Chris Thompson--Geologic x3 Alan Smithee--Too Beautiful To Live,The Grapes of Rad,Air-Raid Podcast I'm closing comments on this post, since there's plenty of great stuff for all of us to check out. However, if you'd like to spread the word about YOUR three favorite podcasts, kindly share them with your friends and onlinefollowers! The creators of those shows will appreciate your evangelism!

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