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January 13th, 2006

Episode 12 of 46 episodes

Tie me up? How about bondage and kink for the rest of us...! You don't need to know complicated knots or BDSM lingo to have a hot time tying up your sweetie and having fun with them, so here I talk about what nasty and sweet things you can do do with someone who's all tied up -- ice cubes to oral sex and beyond. And I have *a lot* of fun ideas. Then, to get you in the mood I read a really delicious light bondage and first time anal sex story from Alison Tyler's Best Bondage Erotica. Also, I had an energy drink before the podcast, so decide for yourself if podcasting, hot sex talk, and energy drinks mix, or are a lethal combination... Mentioned in this podcast, for further study: Graydancer's Rope Weekly Happy birthday to sexy Minx at Polyamory Weekly! * * * * * * My podcast is hosted at Libsyn.com Violet Blue: tinynibbles.com Click here to launch iTunes: Open Source Sex

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