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June 14th, 2006

Episode 19 of 46 episodes

More from my NPR pirate radio interview series: an interview with my best friend Thomas Roche! I get him to spill about his mad skillz with the necrophilia fetish lecture at San Francisco Sex Education (where we both teach and he's volunteered for ten years); then we digress into discussing erotica, crime writing and its seedy/inspiring erotic elements (yay tits and gunpowder!), his work as the editor at Eros Zine, and of course -- porn! We have a sweetly antagonistic friendship, and he just wrote a bunch of hot stories for my upcoming sex guidebook Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples.Thomas' site is SkidRoche.com. He's also a pinup photographer and has shot me several times over the years -- you can see some of these sets in his gallery, and in my galleries vegas pinups, suicide reject, and friday the 13th.Also: NPR is a community not-for-profit volunteer organization and they're hosting my filthy dirty interviews for free. They're having a hard time coming up with rent for one month this summer -- it's $800 -- so if you can spare ten bucks, please donate it to NPR! * * * * * * My podcast wants to engage in necrophilia with Libsyn.com Violet Blue: tinynibbles.com Click here to launch iTunes: Open Source Sex

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