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Open Source Sex 77: An Open Invitiation Review and Advice on Swinging and Non-Monogamy

September 11th, 2010

Episode 40 of 46 episodes

In a recent article, I reviewed the very sophisticated adult film "An Open Invitiation" which is a love story of one couple's journey into swinging, in San Francisco. Links for this podcast include: Open Source Sex episode 20 where I tell you exactly how to have a threesome. Open Source Sex episode 43 which is a reading of explicit erotic threesome story "Cast of Three" My review of "An Open Invitiation" (with exclusive, explicit gallery and trailer) -- link NSFW. The webiste for "An Open Invitiation" -- link for adults only. Our Porn, Ourselves -- a non-sexual website for women who watch porn. Website for sex educator Thomas Roche, also quoted in this episode. In Scientific American, Jesse Bering's Polyamory chic, gay jealousy and the evolution of a broken heart Tristan Taormino's book Opening Up and my book on Sexual Fantasy for Couples.

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