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What difference will space, and the places we will live in space, make to our structures of civil rights? How will we implement these rights and who will be responsible for it? Jerry Stone joins us to discuss this incredible topic in our first episode exploring Civil Rights and Space! Check out the BIS site … Continue reading Civil Rights In...

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In our very first community choice episode, Simon Gilroy joins us to discuss space botany and agriculture, and the delicate art of growing food in space. A tremendous episode, Simon brings all sorts of fantastic stories about his work, some unexpected scientific “Aha!” moments that seem to permeate all of space science, and a whole … Continue...

What rights do workers have in space, and how can we enforce them when the nearest unbiased court could be hundreds of thousands of miles away? Carolyn Meinel joins us this week to discuss this and more, as we try to figure out exactly what needs to be done to ensure the space miners and … Continue reading Voices From L5 – Workers Rights In...

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Voices From L5 – Hidden Figures

February 23rd, 2017

Something a little different this week, Voices reviews a film, Hidden Figures, with our friend from another podcast, Christopher Peterson. Chris runs the DecipherSciFi show, a brilliant podcast that examines science fiction and scifi concepts, definitely check it out! Hidden Figures was a fantastic and inspiring film that examined some of the...