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Voices From L5 – Voices From Mars

July 28th, 2016

Episode 30 of 51 episodes

An amazing special episode this week – Sheyna Grifford, the chief health and safety officer on the NASA-Ames HI-SEAS Mars analogue mission joins us for a time-delayed interview live from the HI-SEAS Mars simulation. Sheyna is currently involved in a long term Mars analogue and has graciously given us her time to discuss the mission, … Continue reading Voices From L5 – Voices From Mars The post Voices From L5 – Voices From Mars appeared first on This Orbital Life.

paul.david.carr 11 months ago

A relaly good discussion, but hard to hear. I usually listen in the car, and I had to crank it way up and stil had to strain. Do you use Auphonic?

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