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Nick Kennedy & Torren Foot | Last Supper Promo Mix

March 28th, 2012

Episode 44 of 161 episodes

According the christian belief, the last supper was the final meal Jesus shared with his apostles before the crucifixion. It was very emotional event of great religious significance. Almost 2000 years later, its still an event of great significance in that it marks the beginning of the longest work free weekend on the Australian calendar. It is proceeded by 4 days work free days of leisure and arguably the biggest party for the clubbing fraternity. This year, supper will be served by the sacrilicious party boy Generik who cut his teeth in one of the most reveered and respected rooms in melbournes history, One Loves Backroom! Now found jet setting around the world and rubbing shoulders with the industries finest, he's back in Melbourne for his much anticipated Wah debut. Also joining us for supper is a hometown favorite in Dean Paps! One half of Orkestrated and still flying high off beatport success with Robots Like To Have Sex and Donald Trumpet, so bring your bass face, we've already started warming up the subs ;P Our final guest of honor is a Wah favorite and a suckmusic go to, John Baptiste. Not only is his name ironically fitting for the last supper, but he's also one of the most respected producers in Melbourne so expect bombs! With a breadth of quality supports and the promise of a red meatless sleep in the next day, this is undoubtably the biggest party in burn city! Come get nailed, It's what jesus would have wanted... More info: Our Official Website Wah Wah on Facebook

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