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Angela Merkel biography, Knife crime, Heroines, Independent visitors

August 9th, 2016

Episode 655 of 985 episodes

Angela Merkel's new biographer Matthew Qvortrup joins Jane to reflect on how the German Chancellor's early life shaped her politics and her response to the refugee crisis in Europe. Recent statistics show that the number of young people carrying knives is on the increase and last year police forces in England and Wales reported 28,600 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument - 10% more than the previous year. As part of our week-long series on knife crime BBC London reporter, Ayshea Buksh, talks to three young men about their experiences. Two are not involved; one says he enters that world every time he steps out of his front door. Michelle Obama has been hailed as a heroine for her inspiring speeches and strong family image. But what does a modern-day heroine look like and are there different standards for men and women? We speak to the journalists Clare Bennett and Rosamund Urwin. New research from Barnardo's and the National Independent Visitor Project shows that only 3% of children in care are getting support from adult mentors, despite the fact that local authorities are legally obliged to provide children in care with access to this help. Now government, local authorities and voluntary sector organisations are being asked to consider signing up to a new set of quality standards. We are joined by the author of the report, Alex Gordon. http://www.barnardos.org.uk/london-independent-visitors-scheme/service-view.htm?id=174076094.

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