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Commonwealth Games 2014 - Two volunteers on how it changed their lives

July 23rd, 2015

Episode 307 of 985 episodes

A year ago today the Commonwealth Games opened in Glasgow. It was the largest sporting event ever held in Scotland with nearly 5 thousand athletes from 71 countries and territories competing in 18 different sports. The success of the games relied on thousands of volunteers to help the events go smoothly Two of the volunteers Rebecca Smith and Jane McLaughlin tell us how volunteering twelve months ago for the Games has given them a whole new perspective on their lives. What would you do if your teenager became violent towards you? Aggression and physical abuse are hidden issues that many parents are afraid to talk about for fear of being labelled bad parents. Advice on how to cope with angry and aggressive teenagers. Who are the Queens of Crime fiction? Kicking off a new series looking at some of the top women writers, we talk about the Golden Age of crime fiction and its influence today Plus as the Insolvency Service's annual figures show that for the first time the individual insolvency rate for women is higher than for men. We hear one woman's experience of filing for bankruptcy and look at what's behind the increase. Presenter Jenni Murray Producer Beverley Purcell.

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