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EU referendum - the women who still don't know how they'll vote. Plus French actress Isabelle Huppert

June 10th, 2016

Episode 602 of 985 episodes

With less than two weeks to go before the EU referendum, how important are the votes of those still to make up their minds and what are the issues that will sway the way women vote? Dr Michelle Harrison of the global market research organisation Kantar discusses. As we continue our celebration of 150 years of the Fawcett Society we ask; Who won the vote, the Suffragettes or the Suffragists? June Purvis, Professor of Women and Gender History at the University of Portsmouth and author of the first biography of Emmeline Pankhurst, and Elizabeth Crawford, historian and author of a suffrage movement reference guide, debate. We hear from the celebrated French actress Isabelle Huppert about her latest role as one of Greek's mythology's most controversial female figures, Phaedra. Plus a look at women's lives around the world and their identities as expressed through their relationship with their hair and their hairdressers in a series The Salon - first broadcast on BBC World Service. Today we hear from 19 year old Tracy in South Africa and Miriam and her hairdresser Hussan in Beirut. Presented Jenni Murray Producer Beverley Purcell.

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